Huge expansion in France for LAG Trailers

The experienced tanker manufacturer LAG Trailers just added 9 service points to its network in France. This action follows the recent expansion of its international sales structure. All new service locations are able to offer extensive services on tanker vehicles.

High profile partners

LAG Trailers partners up with Groupe Trucks Services, Groupe SH, Biache Service Maintenance (B.S.M.) and Drôme Citernes Service. Together they represent 9 service points in the critical areas of the French transport scene.

These new partners are no strangers to the French tanker industry. They are known to offer a significant amount of experience, the required accreditation and fast service times. LAG Trailers requires its partners to offer only quality materials and spare parts of acclaimed suppliers.

LAG’s French sales representative Bruno Lo Manto states it as follows: “It is critical to LAG’s clients to receive a fast and tailored service offer, due to LAG’s intense focus on tank transport. “

Europe-wide endeavours

The investment in the service department is a logical effect of the increased sales numbers in France. LAG Trailers achieved a year-over-year growth of 50 % in France.

LAG’s efforts in France reflect those of the European continent. 23 new locations have been added to the company’s European service-network. To keep this expansion under control, the company screens and evaluates its partners at regular intervals.

Picture service point France