LAG Service Polska is the future of Polish trailer service

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15. December 2016

LAG Service Polska is the future of Polish trailer service

LAG Trailers just uncovered its new service offering in Poland. The company created a subsidiary under the name of LAG Service Polska. The local service points will receive a fresh branding and a closer integration with its Belgian parent company LAG Trailers.

Conquering Europe

LAG Trailers keeps on expanding its influence on the European trailer market on a yearly basis. The company unveiled new sales- and service points in 4 different European countries during the first 6 months of this year.

Poland as a key market will obviously receive extra attention. The known tanker manufacturer will emphasize its current European market position by reinforcing its regional brand recognition.

Anchored in Poland

LAG Trailers got introduced to Poland during the ‘90s. All products sold in Poland are therefore 100% designed by LAG Trailers, for over 15 years.

“LAG Trailers adapts its branding to the current market reality. The design, production and service of all vehicles has always been under LAG’s direct supervision. The tanker brand has gained a strong brand recognition since its introduction to Poland. The new enterprise representing the Polish service division is a logic evolution,” explains Service Manager Piotr Blachowiak.

New corporate strategy

The company invests more resources in the important Polish market. Earlier this year, the tank trailer manufacturer announced its cooperation with Grupa DBK. Both initiatives are part of a new corporate strategy. 

Next to the higher sales goals, the LAG-Group will monitor the quality of its regional service more closely. This way the company can guarantee an even more effective handling of its operations in the country.

Customers and partners should expect to receive the same reliable service as ever and an even closer interaction with the new service providers.