LAG Service repairs 37 year old tanker

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7. February 2018

Charlier & sons from Overijse in Belgium, just recently entrusted its outdated wine tanker to LAG Service in Bree. The tanker manufacturer renewed the vehicle and made several improvements to further optimize the daily transports.

Remarkable specifications

The transporter from Overijse bought the tanker in 1980, for the transport of wine. To meet the specific requests needed for this kind of transport, the tanker of 25 000 liter was equipped with no less than 17 compartments.

Second life

Wine ages well, tankers usually don’t. But that doesn’t withhold International Transport company Charlier & Sons from driving their 37 year-old wine tanker. LAG Trailers conducted a so-called ‘Second Life’ on the vehicle to ensure it is competitive again with modern tank semi-trailers.

The tanker used to have 2 leaf spring suspension axles, as was accustomed during the ‘80s. This limited the Maximum Authorised Mass to 32 000 kg. For this reason, LAG Service replaced the chassis by a new one with 3 axles. This chassis comes with a new chassis number and has a Maximum Authorised Mass of 39 000 kg. Where the driver used to leave a few compartments unused to avoid overloading, the company can now return fully loaded from France.

The 17 discharge pipes have been renewed for the biggest part, while showcasing a higher usability. A new walkway with a collapsible safety rail has also been added to the top structure.

These measures guarantee a reliable transport for the coming 37 years.
As you can see, a LAG Service job is more than just new wine in old bottles.

Wijntankoplegger Charlier-LAG Service