LAG Trailers and Total Belgium stun with new project

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22. January 2018

Total Belgium created its own training for fuel transport. LAG Trailers engineered the mobile tool to put it in practice.

Pioneering fuel training

Total Belgium spends a lot of attention to its drivers’ training. The company noticed a lack of professional schooling that fitted its specific needs.

The Belgian fuel transporter fittingly decided to take on the pioneering role by creating its own educational programme. Karl D’Hont, Project Manager for Total Belgium, explains how the company handled the project:

‘We aimed for the most ‘practical’ implementation of our training. We only needed the right educational tool to get started on a safe, mobile, flexible and realistic way.'

By way of brainstorming, the idea of an educational trailer came to fruition. Total contacted its frequent partner LAG Trailers to help them out.

Spreading the word

A thorough Belgian training for fuel transport seems needed. Total Belgium opened up talks with multiple organizations to certify and share the educational training on a larger scale. Total’s knowledge as well as LAG’s educational trailer appear to be necessary parts on the road to a safer fuel transport in Belgium.

Mobile testunit LAG Trailers - Total Belgium