LAG Trailers surprises with renewed range of tipping container chassis

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24. September 2020

400 kg of weight loss

LAG Trailers releases an aluminium version of the 30' tipping container chassis for the very first time. The company now offers the chassis in both steel and aluminium.

The new design is no less than 400 kg lighter and therefore creates a huge added value to transporters. The new chassis showcases an improved weight distribution that results in a higher load capacity without overloading the axles at any point.

The first transporter to make use of the new design is InterLogistics. With this purchase, the Dutch haulier confirms its focus on a high-quality and modern fleet. CEO Van Erp describes his choice for LAG as follows: "Interlogistics is always trying to lead the way in the market. The empty weight is 400 kg lighter than a steel chassis, which means that 400 kg more payload can be transported. The fact that LAG is a stone's throw away from our headquarters in Born is a bonus."

The update is not limited to the 30-foot tilting chassis. His bigger brother, the 40-foot tipping container chassis, has also been overhauled. From now on, LAG equips both chassis with a galvanized tipping frame and a more maintenance-friendly tipping hinge in their standard execution.

Also interesting is the improved user-friendliness. Thanks to wider axles, the chassis has a much more stable driveability. At the same time, the new type also offers more working space for the transporter to operate the containers and the accompanying equipment.

Compatible across product groups

Transporters switching to aluminium LAG tipping chassis have no need to fear the recent adjustments. To make the transition easier, the tank manufacturer ensured that all parts are fully interchangeable with the steel chassis.

The design of the 40-foot tipping chassis even goes one step further with the modular construction. In addition to the complete compatibility with the steel chassis, it is also compatible with the chassis of the tipping silo trailers.

Engineering Manager Jacky Segers stated the following: "The construction method of the new chassis guarantees clear efficiency gains for both production and service of these vehicles. Companies that make use of LAG products across different ranges will benefit greatly from this evolution.”

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