Modalis-LAG collaboration reaching new heights

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2. September 2021

French logistics powerhouse Modalis received a new series of LAG Trailers vehicles this week. The new order of 70 vehicles is part of a hyper ambitious plan to almost double the company’s revenue in 3 years’ time. The updated tipping container chassis is part of the series while LAG also teases 2 now product introductions for this year.

20 year-old partnership

Both companies collaborate since 2002, but it really started booming in the 2010’s. The Covid-19 crisis didn’t slow the cooperation down a bit. This year alone 70 vehicles are planned for delivery.  Therefor Modalis’ fleet inches evermore closer to the threshold of 3000 vehicles thanks to the latest deliveries of LAG Trailers. 

CEO Bernard Meï likes the connection of both companies. “Modalis and LAG are a great match. We’re one of the leading European intermodal service partners while LAG is our equivalent on the supplier side of semi-trailers and containers. They offer us the complete range of products with the necessary innovations foreseen concerning safety and transport efficiency.” 

4 new product introductions 

As highlighted, Modalis focuses entirely on intermodal transport and finds an ally in LAG Trailers. The recent order contains a healthy mix of container chassis, tipping container chassis, aluminium silo and box containers.

And LAG Trailers keeps on expanding its own intermodal product range. The all new stainless steel container as well as the updated 40 FT aluminium tipping container chassis are the latest product types to join the herd. LAG announced that even after the recent product introductions 2 other new product types will be introduced to the market as well this year. More information will follow later on this year. 

Hyper ambitious growth path

This order fits perfectly in Modalis’ plan to almost double its revenue in 3 years’ time from € 32 MM to € 50 MM. The strategy is clear and focuses on 3 pillars; innovation, external growth and a continuous investment in the intermodal fleet. 

The yearly revenue gets reinvested in a smart way. A large part goes to innovation and another slice is foreseen for the intermodal fleet. The company grows its fleet consistently about 20 % each year, and that already for the last 20 years. 

External growth is achieved by anticipating new market-opportunities like the European Green Deal and the accompanying investments in the railways as well as expansion and diversification of the own services and that of subsidiaries like the newly acquired Delta Rail which is on the rise in France.  

Pictures LAG-Modalis