TIP takes the tanker market by storm with LAG Trailers

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3. February 2021

Leading role in the tanker market

With a fleet comprising 113 000 trailers, TIP is a behemoth in the transport market. Now the company claims a leading role in the tanker niche as well. In recent years, the company has invested heavily in its tanker fleet, resulting in a fleet of over 2500 tankers.

As per usual, the fleet consists of a wide range of executions. TIP offers stainless steel tankers as well as aluminium silo trailers for the transport of ADR products, foodstuff and bulk goods.

Long-term partner LAG Trailers

Partner in crime is the well-known supplier LAG Trailers. During the last 5 years the Belgian tanker specialist has supplied TIP with 330 vehicles. Currently LAG is working on an order of 30 tankers for the European rental company.

The most recent order consists of a balanced range of stainless steel tankers, tipping silo trailers as well as non-tipping silo tankers. The vehicles need to be operated in a large variety of situations. In order to meet this requirement, the standard execution is foreseen of a wide range of equipment with the necessary optimizations in terms of weight, safety and service friendliness, which LAG is happy to provide. With this diverse range of tankers, TIP can continue to offer a wide range of services to its customers.