Comfort Energy expands fleet significantly

Comfort Energy expands its fleet massively with 22 new LAG fuel trailers. The new order consists of both rigid tankers and semi-trailers.  

Largest distributor in the country

Comfort Energy is the largest independent distributor of oil in Belgium. The Belgian company contacted long-term partner LAG Trailers with whom they have been working together since the 1990s. The collaboration accumulates to a total of more than 200 fuel tankers with a combined capacity of about 4 000 000 liters of fuel.

The new order is part of Comfort Energy's ambitious project to reduce the carbon footprint of both the company and its customers. In addition to its own established initiatives to reduce and offset CO2 through Energy+ and Green+, the company also renews its own fleet annually. New trucks combined with lighter tanks with more efficient piping will reduce the fuel consumption and spillage. 

Uniformity and service-friendliness are key 

Comfort Energy spreads its order over 20 rigid tankers and 2 semi-trailers. A series of 5 rigid tankers of 23 300 L  is purchased. This complements Comfort Energy's order with 6 superstructures of 17 000 L and 9 units of 10 700 L.

LAG focuses once again on the serviceability of this order. Most parts are bolted and therefore easier to handle in case of damage. This is an important argument, especially for the intensive use that's typical of the oil distribution business of Comfort Energy.

LAG Trailers established a uniform design for all types of superstructures. All parts are interchangeable as a result. "This is a welcome innovation" indicates David Delellio, COO of Comfort Energy. "The uniformity saves time and money. The same design across all types is easier for users to learn. We set up all the appliance cabinets similarly and save a lot of time. This is a pure win-win situation."


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